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A new species of Mimosa sect. Mimosa (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae) from Southern Brazil


A new species of Mimosa section Mimosa, Mimosa eurystegia, which is apparently endemic to Paraná in southern Brazil, is described and illustrated. This species is distinguished by plurinerved leaflets and papyraceous, plurinerved, orbicular, amplexicaul stipules. Morphological distinctiveness of this new Mimosa and its relationships with allied species are discussed. Phenological, geographical and ecological data are presented, in addition to a key to the species of Mimosa subser. Sparsae.

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We are grateful to two anonymous reviewers for their useful comments and suggestions. We want to thank the botanical staff of MBM for collaboration during the field trips, and Rodrigo Kersten, Renée Fortunato, and Marcelo Simon for suggestions and advice on the text of the manuscript. We thank curators of the cited herbaria for loans and access to specimens. We are grateful to Diana Carneiro (Curitiba, Brazil) and Angélica Marino (CIRN-INTA, Argentina) for the illustrations. This research was supported by Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba and the Myndel Botanical Fundation Collection Trip Grant 2008 (to Renée Fortunato and Matías Morales) and Grant 2009 (to Matías Morales for visiting botanical institutions of Brazil). Authors thank The New York Botanical Garden (Rupert C. Barneby award) and the FAPESP for financial support during the visit of Juliana Santos to the United States. Finally, the visit of Matías Morales to the herbaria of United States was financed by CONICET.

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