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Gasteranthus diverticularis, a new species of Gesneriaceae from southern Ecuador


A new species of Gasteranthus (Gesneriaceae, Beslerieae) is described from the eastern Andean slopes of southern Ecuador. The presence of a strongly hypocyrtoid corolla with lateral protrusions along the pouch and ternate leaves differentiate Gasteranthus diverticularis from all other congeners.


Se describe una nueva especie de Gasteranthus (Gesneriaceae, Beslerieae) de la vertiente oriental de los Andes del sur de Ecuador. La presencia de una corola marcadamente hipocirtoide con prominencias laterales a lo largo de la giba y las hojas ternadas diferencian a Gasteranthus diverticularis de otros congéneres.

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Support for this study was provided by the National Science Foundation (DEB-0841958 & DEB-0949169). Laurence E. Skog (US) and Alain Chautems (G) provided helpful comments on the manuscript. I am grateful to Christian Feuillet (US) for providing the Latin diagnosis, Martha Marcela Mora-Pinto (UNA) for providing the Spanish translation of the abstract, Sue R. Blackshear for preparing the illustration of the new species, Charles G. Clark for help in selecting an appropriate specific epithet, Carol Ann Bonner from the Cell Imaging Shared Resource (Vanderbilt University) for providing confocal images, and the participants from the 2007 Gesneriad Research Expedition in Ecuador who helped in the discovery and documentation of Gasteranthus diverticularis.

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  • Beslerieae
  • Gasteranthus
  • hypocyrtoid corolla
  • Ecuador
  • Gesneriaceae