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New combinations and typifications in Bistorta, Persicaria, Polygonum, and Rumex (Polygonaceae)


New combinations are proposed in anticipation of the Polygonaceae treatment in the forthcoming volume of Intermountain Flora: Polygonum kelloggii var. esotericum, P. kelloggii var. watsonii , Rumex densiflorus var. pycnanthus , R. salicifolius var. utahensis, and R. occidentalis var. tomentellus. Typifications are proposed to facilitate ongoing studies in Polygonaceae and to maintain current usage.

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We are grateful to Kanchi N. Gandhi of Harvard University who, with patience and skill, provided help and insight into the typification of many of the names mentioned here. We also thank James L. Zarucchi and James Solomon of the Missouri Botanical Garden, George (“Rusty”) Russell and John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution, Tom Zanoni of The New York Botanical Garden for their help, and especially Barbara J. Hellenthal who, with great patience, addressed our many questions and concerns about specimens in the Greene Herbarium at Notre Dame University. Janelle M. Burke (BH) and Craig C. Freeman (KANS) kindly provided helpful comments in their reviews of the manuscript. The labors of Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia K. Holmgren on the Intermountain Flora are exemplars of what all of us should attempt to do in floristic botany. For the senior author, the decades of association with both have been a pleasure. It will be sad to see the last volume roll off the press.

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