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A new species and a new combination of Allium sect. Rhizirideum (Alliaceae) from northeastern China and Korea


A new species, Allium pseudosenescens, belonging to sect. Rhizirideum (Alliaceae), is described from northeastern China. It is easily distinguished from A. senescens by the slender pedicels, pale pink perianths, narrower tepals and ovaries, yellowish anthers, and sometimes toothed subulate filaments. Also, A. senescens var. minus in sect. Rhizirideum is raised to the rank of species, as A. minus. This Korean endemic taxon is shown to be a biologically distinct species based on morphological and cytological characters. Taxonomic keys for the species of Allium sect. Rhizirideum in northeastern China and Korea are provided.

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We thank Dr. Hugo Cota-Sánchez for critical readings of manuscript and helping with the Latin diagnosis. We are also grateful to the curators of KWNU and PE who provided material for examination, and to the reviewers whose suggestions improved the manuscript. Research for this article was supported by a grant (Project No.: C00659) from Korea Research Foundation in 2006.

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  • Alliaceae
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