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Elatostema chinense, a new name for Elatostema longipedunculatum (W.T.Wang) Y.H.Tseng & A.K.Monro (Urticaceae)


A new name, Elatostema chinense, is proposed as a replacement name for E. longipedunculatum (W.T.Wang) Y.H.Tseng & A.K.Monro, an illegitimate later homonym of E. longipedunculatum Elmer.

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I am grateful to the Management, Janata Mahavidyalya, Chandrapur for facilities and encouragement. I am also grateful to Dr Omprakash S. Rathor, Former Principal, Science College, Nanded. Maharashtra, India and Dr M. B. Shende, Head, Department of Botany, Janata Mahavidyalaya, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India for constant support and encouragement.

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