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Kaempferia albiflora (Zingiberaceae), a new species from Thailand


Kaempferia albiflora Jenjitt. & Ruchis., a new species from Northern Thailand, is described. It is similar to K. grandifolia Saensouk & Jenjitt. but differs in having erect, lanceolate to elliptic leaves, lobes of the labellum with a rounded apex, and a trilobed anther crest, whereas K. grandifolia has broadly ovate leaves appressed to the ground, lobes of the labellum with an acuminate apex, and a trilobed anther crest.

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We would like to express our gratitude to the late Prof. Kai Larsen who encouraged the authors to study the Zingiberaceae, to Mrs Sriplai Buranapattama who first introduced the authors to this species, to Mr Nattapon Nopporncharoenkul for the photographs, and to the reviewers for helpful comments.

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Key Words

  • Endangered species
  • Northern Thailand
  • precocious flowering
  • Protanthium
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