The rediscovery of Philcoxia goiasensis (Plantaginaceae): lectotypification and notes on morphology, distribution and conservation of a threatened carnivorous species from the Serra Geral de Goiás, Brazil


We report the rediscovery of Philcoxia goiasensis, a rare carnivorous plant that was until recently only known from the type collection. We lectotypify the species and provide an updated description along with notes on morphology, distribution and conservation. We also present refined illustrations and the first known photographs of P. goiasensis in the wild. It was recently collected in two locations in the Northeast of Goiás, Brazil and is assessed as Critically Endangered (CR).

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The first author is grateful to the Programa de Pós-graduação em Biologia Vegetal for a graduate scholarship. We thank FAPESP (2012/12927-9) for financial support, the curators of BHCB, BHZB, CEN, DIAM, ESA, IAC, IAN, IBGE, ICN, MBM, MG, OUPR, R, RB, SPF, UB, UEC and UPCB for making specimens available, Klei Sousa for the line drawing, and especially Dr Rolf Rutishauser for valuable insights on morphology and for helpful comments on the manuscript.

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Scatigna, A.V., Amaral, A.G., Munhoz, C.B.R. et al. The rediscovery of Philcoxia goiasensis (Plantaginaceae): lectotypification and notes on morphology, distribution and conservation of a threatened carnivorous species from the Serra Geral de Goiás, Brazil. Kew Bull 71, 41 (2016).

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