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Dagmar Dykyjová (1914–2011), her life and work


The late Dagmar Dykyjová (1914–2011), who is being honoured by this issue of Folia Geobotanica, was an excellent scientist as well as university teacher and research coordinator. Her research work stretched from both fundamental and applied plant physiology to the ecology of wetlands and wetland plants in particular, and to the ecology of Central European orchids. Apart from having authored, co-authored or edited numerous scientific publications, also including several books, she had great merits in popularizing a sensitive approach to environmental management, nature conservation and management of natural resources, based on up-to-date scientific knowledge. She played an important role in the Czechoslovak participation in the International Biological Programme (IBP, 1965–74), especially in the fields of plant production ecology and wetlands ecology. The history of her life and work is briefly outlined and evaluated (Fig. 1 ).

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Fig. 1


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The author acknowledges with gratitude the co-operation of his late colleague and friend Dr Štěpán Husák on the draft of this paper and the compilation of Dagmar Dykyjová’s publications list by his colleague Ms Marie Kalátová. The author also thanks Professor Eliška Rejmánková for suggestions of English language and style improvements in this article.

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