Bioethanol production from microalgae polysaccharides

  • Gergely Ernő LakatosEmail author
  • Karolína Ranglová
  • João Câmara Manoel
  • Tomáš Grivalský
  • Jiří Kopecký
  • Jiří Masojídek


The worldwide growing demand for energy permanently increases the pressure on industrial and scientific community to introduce new alternative biofuels on the global energy market. Besides the leading role of biodiesel and biogas, bioethanol receives more and more attention as first- and second-generation biofuel in the sustainable energy industry. Lately, microalgae (green algae and cyanobacteria) biomass has also remarkable potential as a feedstock for the third-generation biofuel production due to their high lipid and carbohydrate content. The third-generation bioethanol production technology can be divided into three major processing ways: (i) fermentation of pre-treated microalgae biomass, (ii) dark fermentation of reserved carbohydrates and (iii) direct “photo-fermentation” from carbon dioxide to bioethanol using light energy. All three technologies provide possible solutions, but from a practical point of view, traditional fermentation technology from microalgae biomass receives currently the most attention. This study mainly focusses on the latest advances in traditional fermentation processes including the steps of enhanced carbohydrate accumulation, biomass pre-treatment, starch and glycogen downstream processing and various fermentation approaches.



Acetyl coenzyme A


Alcohol dehydrogenase I and II


Adenosine triphosphate


Consolidated bioprocess


Carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism


Dry mass


Generally recognized as safe




Pyruvate decarboxylase




Photosystem I, II




Separate hydrolysis and fermentation


Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation


Sodium bicarbonate



The authors thank Ms. Soňa Pekařová for the technical assistance and Dr. Kateřina Bišová for the discussion.

Author contribution statement

Gergely Lakatos took the leading role in the writing of the manuscript. Karolína Ranglová, Jiří Kopecký, Tomáš Grivalský and João Câmara Manoel contributed during the manuscript preparation. Jiří Masojídek revised and finalized the manuscript.


This study was funded partly by the National Sustainability Program of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (project Algatech Plus LO1416), and by cross-border InterReg projects between Austria and the Czech Republic (Algenetics No. ATCZ15) and Bavaria and the Czech Republic (CZ-BAV 41).

Compliance with ethical standards

Conflict of interest

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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