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Optimization of Mass-spring Model Parameters by ICA for Assessing Compressional Behavior of Warp-knitted Spacer Fabrics Reinforced Polyurethane Cast Elastomer Composites

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Fibers and Polymers Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Warp knitted spacer fabrics (WKSFs) have been developed for many applications such as cushioning materials. Therefore, the study on the compressional behavior of WKSFs and their composites is of great importance. In this study, six types of mass-spring models, i.e. Maxwell, Kelvin, Standard linear, Burger, linear spring, and non-linear spring are used to estimate compressional behavior of WKSF reinforced polyurethane cast elastomer composites under flat and spherical types of loading. Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) is utilized to predict models’ parameters for minimizing the differences between experimental and theoretical data. The best results were obtained by the non-linear spring model with the mean error of 4.12 % and 3.37 % for flat and spherical compression, respectively. The mean of errors of the other models were higher than 14.75 %. It is proved that the compression force-displacement curves of the samples in both flat and spherical loading follow exponential forms.

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