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Acoustic and Thermal Properties of Polypropylene Carpets: Effect of Pile Length and Loop Density


Sound control in office and living environments is cruical for creating a peaceful and relaxing occupation for individuals. Improvement of sound absorption properties of textile materials used in architectural structures has become an issue of importance. The study here is focused on acoustic characterization of polypropylene carpets used in the indoor environments. Due to growing interest in mass, volume and cost efficient multifunctional materials, additionally thermal conductivity of the carpets have been studied. Polypropylene carpet samples were prepared with four different pile length and two different loop density parameters. It has been observed that loop density and pile length parameters affect thermal properties and sound absorption rates all frequency ranges. Anova analysis for sound absorption revealed that the combined effect of loop density and pile length parameters is evident in the mid-to-high frequency ranges.

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  • Polypropylene carpet
  • Loop density
  • Pile length
  • Sound absorption
  • Thermal insulation