Development of Multilayered Nanocomposites for Applications in Personal Protection


The aim of the presented research was to study the influence of surface layer material on improvement of impact, dielectric, EMI shielding and sound absorption properties of sandwich composites. The sandwich composite structure consisted of Kevlar or Carbon woven fabric at the surface layer, recycled high loft nonwoven in the center and a mixture of carbon particles/epoxy matrix as a binder to hold the surface layer and core together. The carbon particles were incorporated in epoxy in order to improve failure mechanism and enhance dielectric properties or electromagnetic shielding of sandwich composites. The biggest improvements on impact properties of sandwich composites were obtained when Kevlar fabric was used as surface layer. However, surface layer of carbon fabric was found to provide better dielectric properties and improve EMI shielding of sandwich composites against Kevlar fabric surface layer.


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  • High loft nonwoven
  • Sandwich composite
  • Ball milling
  • Carbon particles
  • Personal protection