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Mechanical and moisture absorption characterization of PLA composites reinforced with nano-coated flax fibers


This research is intended to improve the interface between the fibers and the matrix and limit water absorption of bio-based material thereby decreasing degradation of the composites when they are exposed to external environment such as high temperature and humidity. In this study, flax fibers were treated with an organic surface coating containing SiO2 nanoparticles. This coating was a dispersion of silica fume in epoxy. One composite was also made with raw fibers as reference as well as one sample of pure PLA. Flax fibers/PLA composites were manufactured by hot pressing by stacking 4 PLA films and 3 pieces of flax fabric. Morphology and dispersion of the coating on the fibers was observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Accelerated ageing was carried out on the 3 materials by placing them in a 50 °C water bath until saturation to investigate the influence of the coating on water diffusion. Mechanical properties of the different composites were investigated by tensile (before and after conditioning) and short beam shear (SBS) testing in order to evaluate the impact of the coating on the interfacial properties of the materials. The results show that the fibers surface was homogenized and that a better adhesion was reached because of the coating. Coating the fibers also allowed the decrease in water uptake by more than 10 % and their protection during conditioning, preserving their mechanical properties.

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