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Evaluation of hair-dyeing by using Rubus coreanus Miquel sludge


Hydro-extraction, enrichment by evaporation, and freeze drying processes were sequentially carried out to extract the colorants from the Rubus coreanus Miquel sludge which was supplied as the waste of the traditional wine process. The dyeing on to human hair was performed at some pH values by using the commercial condition; 0.4 g of human hair, 100 % (on the weight of hair) of the powder of colorants, liquor ratio 1:5, 40 °C and 30 min. The extract was evaluated by UV-vis spectroscopy, antioxidant property (DPPH radical scavenging activity) and antimicrobial activity measurements. Color of the extract in aqueous solution was red at pH 2, violet at intermediate pH condition, and brown at pH 9. Color properties and colorfastness to light and washing were also analyzed for the hair samples dyed with the extract. With the variation of pH, the color of dyed hair was observed mostly BG-RP at pH 2-5 and then changed to YR-GY at pH>6. For the dyed hair samples, light colorfastness was relatively good; the rating 3 was maintained up to 40 hrs. The rating of wash colorfastness was remained 3 for 25 cycles. Results of color analysis and fastness tests confirmed that the colorants from the Rubus coreanus Miquel were successfully applied to hair-dyeing.

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