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Effect of strand spacing and twist multiplier on structural and mechanical properties of Siro-spun yarns

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The effect of strand spacing and twist multiplier on strength of Siro-spun yarns with reference to the yarn structural parameters was investigated. Of the various structural parameters for staple yarns, fiber migration has a crucial influence on the yarn strength, which in turn to a considerable extent is influenced by the strand spacing and twist multiplier. Achieving the objectives of this research, the yarns were produced from lyocell fibers at five strand spacings and four different twist multipliers. Tracer fiber technique combined with image analysis were utilized to study the yarn migration parameters. Afterwards, the yarns were subjected to uniaxial loading by a CRE tensile tester. The measured results are presented in forms of diagrams and tables. The findings reveal that, as strand spacing is increased, yarn tenacity increases up to strand spacing of 8 mm beyond which it reduces. Analysis of the results indicates that the higher tenacity values at the strand spacing of 8 mm can be attributed to the higher mean fiber position, higher migration factor, higher proportion of broken fibers and lower hairiness.

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