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Development and characterization of light weight plant structured fabrics


Scientists and engineers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration. Light weight textile fabrics suitable for summer dress material were developed by imitating the branching structure of a plant in order to achieve high water absorption and transportation properties. The absorption property of the fabrics was characterized by using the Moisture Management Tester (MMT) and Transplanar Water Transport Tester (TWTT). The fabrics were analyzed using optical microscopes and Optical Contact Angle (OCA) tester to understand the structure as well as the absorption behavior of these fabrics. The results indicated that plant structured fabrics have a significant faster water absorption and wicking properties over conventional weave structures, makes them highly preferable for summer-wear.

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Sarkar, M.K., Fan, J.T., Szeto, Y.C. et al. Development and characterization of light weight plant structured fabrics. Fibers Polym 10, 343–350 (2009).

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