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Top-Degree Global Solvability in CR and Locally Integrable Hypocomplex Structures


We study the top-degree cohomology for the \({\bar{\partial }_b}\) operator defined on a generic submanifold of the complex space as well as for the differential complex associated with a locally integrable structure \({\mathcal {V}}\) over a smooth manifold. The main assumptions are that \({\mathcal {V}}\) is hypocomplex and that the differential complex is locally solvable in degree one. One of the main tools is an adaptation of a sheaf theoretical argument due to Ramis–Ruget–Verdier.

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  1. This is a consequence of the well known “five-term exact sequence” associated to a first quadrant spectral sequence.


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  • Tangential Cauchy-Riemann complexes
  • Hypocomplex manifolds
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