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Biconservative Submanifolds in \(\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}\) and \(\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}\)


In this paper we study biconservative submanifolds in \(\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}\) and \(\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}\) with parallel mean curvature vector field and codimesion 2. We obtain some sufficient and necessary conditions for such submanifolds to be conservative. In particular, we obtain a complete classification of 3-dimensional biconservative submanifolds in \(\mathbb {S}^4\times \mathbb {R}\) and \(\mathbb {H}^4\times \mathbb {R}\) with nonzero parallel mean curvature vector field. We also get some results for biharmonic submanifolds in \(\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}\) and \(\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}\).

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The third author gratefully thanks for the support from the National Post-doctoral Fellowship of Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Government of India.

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Manfio, F., Turgay, N.C. & Upadhyay, A. Biconservative Submanifolds in \(\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}\) and \(\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}\). J Geom Anal 29, 283–298 (2019).

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  • Biconservative submanifolds
  • Biharmonic submanifolds
  • Product spaces \(\mathbb {S}^n\times \mathbb {R}\) and \(\mathbb {H}^n\times \mathbb {R}\)

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