Cartan Theorems for Stein Manifolds Over a Discrete Valuation Base


Let X be a complex manifold, let A be a topological discrete valuation ring, and write for the sheaf of functions on X with values in A. We prove Cartan theorems A and B for coherent -modules, when X is a Stein manifold and A satisfies some requirements like being a nuclear direct limit of Banach algebras. The result is motivated by questions in the work of the second author with Kashiwara in the proof of the codimension-three conjecture for holonomic microdifferential systems.

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Correspondence to Jari Taskinen.

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Jari Taskinen was supported in part by the Academy of Finland and the Väisälä Foundation. Kari Vilonen was supported in part by NSF Grants DMS-1402928 & DMS-1069316, the Academy of Finland, the ARC Grant DP150103525, the Humboldt Foundation, and the Simons Foundation.

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Taskinen, J., Vilonen, K. Cartan Theorems for Stein Manifolds Over a Discrete Valuation Base. J Geom Anal 29, 577–615 (2019).

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  • Cartan theorem A and B
  • Stein manifold
  • Coherent module
  • Codimension-three conjecture
  • Discrete valuation ring
  • Banach algebra
  • Inductive limit

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • Primary 32C35
  • Secondary 32W05
  • 46A13
  • 46H99