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Convergence of the Calabi Flow on Toric Varieties and Related Kähler Manifolds

  • Hongnian HuangEmail author


Let X be a toric manifold with a Delzant polytope P. We show that if (X,P) is analytic uniform K-stable and the curvature is uniformly bounded along the Calabi flow, then the modified Calabi flow converges to an extremal metric exponentially fast. By assuming that the curvature is uniformly bounded along the Calabi flow, we prove a conjecture of Donaldson and a conjecture of Apostolov, Calderbank, Gauduchon, and Tønnesen-Friedman.


Calabi flow Toric manifolds Extremal metrics K-stability 

Mathematics Subject Classification

53C44 53C55 53D20 



The author would like to thank Vestislav Apostolov and Gábor Székelyhidi for many stimulating discussions. He is also grateful to the consistent support of Professor Xiuxiong Chen, Pengfei Guan, and Paul Gauduchon. He would like to thank Si Li, Jeff Streets, and Valentino Tosatti for their interest in this work.


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