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Double-Diffusive Buoyancy and Marangoni Convection in a Hybrid Nanofluid Filled Cylindrical Porous Annulus


This study investigates numerically the combined buoyancy and thermocapillary convection thermal and solutal transfer of Ag/Mgo-water hybrid nanofluid in a cylindrical porous enclosure with the impacts of Soret and Dufour. A discrete heater of finite size is positioned in the centre of the left interior wall. The cylindrical cavity exterior wall is supposed to be cool. The top and bottom horizontal boundaries including the unheated region of the interior wall are claimed to be adiabatic. The finite difference approach is used to solve the non-dimensional governing equations. Various graphs have been utilized in the current study to describe the nature of the fluid flow, temperature, and concentration behaviours. The analysis reveals that the Marangoni number performs better with lower buoyancy ratio and lower Lewis number values. The Le and \(D_f\) are efficient in mass transport, while the \(\phi\) and \(S_r\) are efficient in energy transfer.

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This work was supported by the Department of Science and Technology, India, Women Scientist Scheme [Grant Number SR/WOS-A/PM-105/2017].

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