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The CFVib Experiment: Control of Fluids in Microgravity with Vibrations

  • J. Fernandez
  • P. Salgado Sánchez
  • I. Tinao
  • J. Porter
  • J. M. Ezquerro
Original Article


The Control of Fluids in Microgravity with Vibrations (CFVib) experiment was selected for the 2016 Fly Your Thesis! programme as part of the 65th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign. The aim of the project is to observe the potentially complex behaviour of vibrated liquids in weightless environments and to investigate the extent to which small-amplitude vibrations can be used to influence and control this behaviour. Piezoelectric materials are used to generate high-frequency vibrations to drive surface waves and large-scale reorientation of the interface. The theory of vibroequilibria, which treats the quasi-stationary surface configurations achieved by this reorientation, was used to predict interesting parameter regimes and interpret fluid behaviour. Here we describe the scientific motivation, objectives, and design of the experiment.


Fluid mechanics Microgravity experiment Instability Vibroequilibria Parabolic flight 



This work was supported by the ESA Education Office in connection with the Fly Your Thesis! programme and the 65th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign, and by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad under Projects No. ESP2013-45432-P and No. ESP2015-70458-P. We thank the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) for their valuable scientific support and Novespace for all their technical advice and contributions during the project. We thank Trenz Electronic for their Analog Discovery device, Analog Devices (ADI) for providing the accelerometers, and KrytoxTM Performance Lubricants, a business of The Chemours Company, for supplying the vacuum oil. Finally, we thank the Spanish User Support and Operations Centre (E-USOC) and the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, which have supported this project from the beginning.


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