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Control of Convection Patterning and Intensity in Shallow Cavities by Harmonic Vibrations

  • Marcello Lappa


In this article the interplay among different types of flow (i.e. induced by driving forces of a different nature) is presented as a possible and “natural” means to control convection patterning and strength in shallow rectangular cavities of finite extent (A =length/height =4) filled with a low Prandtl number liquid (silicon, Pr =0.01). A variety of results concerning the possible spatial structure of the “mixed” states of steady Buoyant, Marangoni and Vibrational convection are discussed with the express intent of supporting the optimization of future experiments to be performed onboard the International Space Station.


Buoyant Marangoni and vibrational convection Hybrid states Flow control Patterning behaviour 


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