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Optimization of a finite element mesh for plates subjected to in-plane patch loading


In designing in-plane stressed thin plates, the loading condition where the uniform distributed edge forces are locally applied along one or more of the plate’s boundaries is often encountered. We investigated the optimal grid pattern that can be used in the analysis of the displacement and stress fields of a simply supported thin plate partially compressed. The plate modelling was created by means of an isoparametric rectangular element. This grid pattern was designed to satisfy good accuracy with low density. A convergence analysis was performed through different sets of meshes locally refined in a judicious way. For each focused field, the critical plate area was searched. Displacement and max stress values were recorded in the respective searched critical zone. Good results were obtained in seeking stress and displacement fields using, respectively, a small and a more expanded local refinement.

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Ghania Ikhenazen received her M.Phil. in Civil Engineering from Heriot Watt University in the United Kingdom; also, her Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algeria, in 2010, where she is currently a Lecturer and an Associate Researcher. Her research interests include buckling and ultimate strength analyses of plate structures.

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  • Displacement curves
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