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Experimental validation of steering torque feedback simulator through vehicle running test


This paper describes a force feedback system based on real-time multibody dynamic analysis. This system can provide the analyzed reactive force to the operator through the operational device. In this study, this system is used as a steering torque feedback simulator of an automobile. This simulator can provide the haptic sensation of the steering wheel to the operator. For the purpose of evaluating the validity of the developed simulator, we conducted some vehicle running tests with an experimental electric vehicle. The results of these tests were compared with the results simulated on the steering torque feedback simulator. It was shown that the developed simulator can provide a suitable steering torque to the operator.

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Correspondence to Taichi Shiiba.

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Dr. Taichi Shiiba received a Doctor of Engineering from The University of Tokyo in 2001. He became an Associate Professor at Meiji University in 2007. A Member of JSME and JSAE, his major areas are multibody dynamics, vehicle dynamics, and driving simulators.

Wataru Murata received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Meiji University in 2007. His research interests are vehicle dynamics, real-time analysis, and multibody dynamics.

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Shiiba, T., Murata, W. Experimental validation of steering torque feedback simulator through vehicle running test. J Mech Sci Technol 23, 954–959 (2009).

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