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Research on improvement of system for automatic line stripe removal using dry ice blaster


All roadways, bike lanes, parking lots, and private parking areas are designated for drivers using painted line stripes. This line striping is an important traffic element for safety and the proper flow of vehicles. These lines have to be repainted for various reasons such as expansion and line changes, which make it necessary to remove the existing line stripes in advance. However, the current line stripe removal process is both labor intensive and time consuming, if it employs a conventional grinding type machine. The necessary manual tasks involve various dangers, including traffic accidents and the explosion of the harmful gas that is used for finalizing the removal process. Accordingly, an automatic line stripe removal system was developed in order to improve this line stripe removal process. But previous studies have remained on the basic research stages, confirming the potential for this automatic line stripe removal system. Therefore, this study is aimed at improving the system and process used in the traditional line stripe removal system. Also, this study is aimed at enhancing performance and features of the previous system and developing the concept for an automated system to improve the line stripe removal efficiency.

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  • line stripe
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