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Effect of Cu Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of U-MIG Welds on Galvanized Steel Sheets


Ultrasonic-assisted metal inert gas (U-MIG) welding experiments were performed to analyze the effect of Cu addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of galvanized steel sheet welds, and first-principles calculations were undertaken to predict the effect of Cu on the mechanical properties of α-Fe based structures. As shown by scanning electron microscopy analysis, Cu is conducive to the refinement and uniformity of the microstructure in the weld zone. Energy-dispersive spectrometry data indicated the presence of Cu in the welds after welding with Cu powder. The elastic moduli of the welds without and with Cu powder, obtained from nanoindentation tests, were (217.66 ± 5.11) GPa and (223.13 ± 9.12) GPa, respectively, which were close to the calculated results. The mechanical properties of the crystal structures of α-Fe and α-Fe1.9Cu0.1 were calculated using Materials Studio software. Both the experimental and calculated results showed that Cu doping reduced the bulk modulus of the weld but increased its shear modulus.

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