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A Novel Image Encryption Technique Based on Inter Block Difference


Data security plays a vital role in the current scenario due to the advanced and sophisticated data access techniques. Present development in data access is always a threat to data that are stored in electronic devices. Among all the forms of data, image is an important aspect that still needs methodologies to be stored securely. This work focuses on a novel technique to secure images using inter block difference and advanced encryption standard (AES). The AES algorithm is chosen for encryption since there is no prevalent attack that is successful in analyzing it. Instead of encrypting the entire image, only a part of the image is encrypted. The proposed work is found to reduce the encryption overhead in a significant way and at the same time preserves the safety of the image. It is also observed that the decryption is done in an efficient and time preserving manner.

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  • encryption
  • decryption
  • inter block difference
  • advanced encryption standard (AES)

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