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A stress-free and grateful farewell

Letter to the Editor

Supplementary material

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Supplementary Figure 2 Daniel Ciocca (right) along with Patrick Arrigo (middle) from Lyon, France and Martin Feder (left) from Chicago during the banquet at the Second International Workshop. (JPEG 406 kb).
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Supplementary Figure 3 Daniel Ciocca was recognized as co-author of the most cited paper. Awards were presented by CSSI President Antonio De Maio. (JPEG 1185 kb).
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Supplementary Figure 4 Daniel Ciocca was among the first group of CSSI Senior Fellows recognized during the Seventh International Congress on Stress Response in Biology and Medicine: Stress and Health, held in Huangshan City, China, in September of 2015. L to R: Antonio De Maio, Lawrence Hightower, Lingjia Qian, Robert M. Tanguay, Gabriella Santoro, Daniel Ciocca and Tangchun Wu. (JPEG 903 kb).


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  2. Ciocca DR, Delgado G (2017) The reality of scientific research in Latin America; an insider’s perspective. Cell Stress Chaperones.  https://doi.org/10.1007/s12192-017-0814-9

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