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Local convergence analysis for Chebyshev’s method

  • Chandni Kumari
  • P. K. ParidaEmail author
Original Research


In this work, we are working to present a local convergence analysis for Chebyshev’s method by using majorizing sequence. The given method is a third order iterative process, used in order to approximate a zero of an nonlinear operator equation in a Banach space. Here we are using a new type of majorant conditions to prove the convergence. We will also try to establish relations between this majorant conditions with results of based on Kantorovich-type and Smale-type assumptions.


Chebyshev’s method Newton’s method Banach space Convex majorant Ball convergence Radius of convergence 

Mathematics Subject Classification

65G99 65J15 47H17 47J05 


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  1. 1.Centre for Applied MathematicsCentral University of JharkhandRanchiIndia

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