Vocations and Learning

, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 91–93 | Cite as

Edited by Peter Jarvis, The Routledge International Handbook of Lifelong Learning

2009, ISBN 978-0-415-41904-8
  • Miriam ZukasEmail author
Book Review

To commission any international handbook is a serious challenge: to try to do so with ‘the learner at the centre’ (as suggested by the back cover of this book) of a contested notion like lifelong learning is a visionary and ambitious project, but inevitably raises a whole series of questions about who ‘the learner’ is, who the contributors are, the geographical, political, economic and social situations of those written about and those who are writing, and so on. As a reviewer, I am obliged to reflect on absences (whether glaring or not) and silences, not because omissions may be easy targets for critique, but because handbooks lay special claim to defining the field. Peter Jarvis, the sole editor of this handbook, already has ‘form’, as they say. Some may remember that, in 1991, together with John Peters, Jarvis was one of the editors of a now infamous book: Adult Education: Evolution and Achievement of an Emerging Field of Study. That book, itself a 25th-anniversary celebration of...

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