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Effects of Packaging Materials, Modified Atmospheric Conditions, and Storage Temperature on Physicochemical Properties of Roasted Pistachio Nut


Pistachio is one of the most important non-oil export items for Iran and also has the ability to adapt itself to adverse conditions including salinity, moisture stress, soil, and low water irrigation. It is one of the economical crops of desertic and dry areas and is recommended for such places. In this research, the effect of different packaging materials including five layers of compound film, modified polypropylene and metallized plastic, and packaging atmosphere on the quality of roasted pistachio nut were investigated. Atmospheric conditions were N2/CO2, vacuum, and ambient air at temperatures of 20 °C and 40 °C. Samples were tested in defined time intervals and then data were statistically analyzed. Results showed that packaging pistachio nut in metallized film and five-layer films with gases N2/CO2 and vacuum conditions kept the quality of pistachio better and lengthened shelf-life. A temperature of 40 °C compared to 20 C was a favorable condition for pistachio quality.

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