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Table 3 Methodology used in agri-food supply chain coordination

From: Agri-food supply chain coordination: the state-of-the-art and recent developments

Authors, Year Methodology
Mathematical Statistical Simulation Case study
Belaya and Hanf [7] Partial least squares
MacRae et al. [25] Case study
Sutopo et al. [45] Mixed integer linear programming
Tan and Comden [46] Mixed integer linear programming
Usuga et al. [50] Case study
Villegas et al. [52] Global circulation models
Zhang and Li [53] Case study
Cai et al. [14] Analytical
Kuwornu et al. [23] Multiagent
Schmitz et al. [38] Case study
Stringer and Sang [44] Conjoint analysis
Burer et al. [12] Analytical
Schepers and van Kooten [37] System dynamic
Zylbersztajn and Miele [54] Multiple regression
Chambers and King [15] Case study
Folkerts and Koehorst [18] Case study