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Table 2 Coordination mechanism in an agri-food supply chain

From: Agri-food supply chain coordination: the state-of-the-art and recent developments

Authors, year Coordination mechanism Effect on SC performance
Information sharing Joint decision-making Supply chain contracts Collective learning Other
Belaya and Hanf [7] Power
MacRae et al. [25] Strategic   Achieve a certain target of fresh vegetable production
Sutopo et al. [45] Strategic   Quality improvement
Tan and Comden [46] Tactical   Maximize firm’s total profit
Usuga et al. [50] Operational Operational Operational   Inventory cost reduction, cost saving, service level improvement, order cycle time reduction, increase customer service quality, promote quality of deliveries, reduce the risk of errors in the distribution
Villegas et al. [52] Strategic   Adequate to produce a national adaptation pathway
Zhang and Li [53] Tactical operational  
Cai et al. [14] Tactical operational   Optimize the total profit of producer and distributor
Kuwornu et al. [23] Tactical   Increase profit
Schmitz et al. [38] Operational   Build real knowledge bases
Stringer and Sang [44] Operational   Reduce cost
Burer et al. [12] Tactical   Increase profit
Schepers and van Kooten [37] Tactical operational   Optimize the chain profit
Zylbersztajn and Miele [54] Tactical operational   Maintain long-term relationship
Chambers and King [15] Tactical operational Quality monitoring, certification procedures, and reputation Product quality improvement, quality uncertainty reduction, transaction cost reduction
Folkerts and Koehorst [18] Strategic