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Partner self-control and intrusive behaviors: A gender-specific examination of the mediating role of trust


This research investigated the interplay between self-control, trust, and intrusive behaviors in heterosexual relationships. While past work mainly focused on actor self-control, we additionally considered the role of partner self-control in both men’s and women’s tendency to show intrusive behaviors. Specifically, we hypothesized that a lack of self-control in the partner elicits intrusive behaviors through low levels of trust in the partner. We collected data from 104 couples and 52 individuals (N = 260, Mage = 35.11, SDage = 10.77) via a crowd-working platform. Analysis using an Actor Partner Interdependence Mediation Model with a bootstrapping method showed that trust mediated the association between partner self-control and intrusive behaviors. Additionally, actor self-control had a marginal indirect effect on intrusive behaviors through trust. The results were consistent across both genders. This research revealed that low levels of either actor or partner self-control are risk factors for privacy invasion in romantic relationships.

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Correspondence to Asuman Buyukcan-Tetik.

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This study was approved by the Research Ethics Council of the University the first author is affiliated with (Approval number FASS-2018-25).

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All participants gave their informed consent before participating in the study.

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All participants gave their consent to publish their data.


We reported all measures and data exclusions on our project’s OSF page and provided information about our posteriori power analysis in the paper.

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The authors do not have any conflicts of interest to declare.

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Buyukcan-Tetik, A., Pronk, T.M. Partner self-control and intrusive behaviors: A gender-specific examination of the mediating role of trust. Curr Psychol (2021).

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  • Intrusive behaviors
  • Privacy
  • Self-control
  • Trust
  • Romantic relationships