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Men’s Sexual Sadism towards Women in Mozambique: Influence of Pornography?

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The aim of this study is, first, to determine whether in Mozambique men who watch pornographic videos frequently behave more sadistically towards their female partners during sexual intercourse than those who watch pornographic videos relatively infrequently; and secondly, to know if pornography has an influence on men’s sexual behavior towards women. A total of 512 men and women participated in the study, responding to an original questionnaire, and were interviewed as well. Statistical processing of the data consisted of descriptive analysis (means and standard deviations), comparison of means (t-test) and correlation analyses. First, the results show that men’s frequent exposure to pornography is correlated to male sadistic behavior towards women. Second, the results show that, amongst male participants, being in love with one’s partners and being older correlate negatively with men’s sexual sadism toward women. Finally, there is an indication that in Mozambique pornography influences some men’s sexual behavior towards women in sadistic way, although more studies are needed to gauge to what extent.

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  1. The interviews were conducted in Portuguese, therefore what is transcribed here are translations.

  2. The interviews were conducted in Portuguese, therefore the transcriptions in this article are translations.


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