Correction to: Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Intuitive Eating Scale-2: Psychometric Evaluation in a Sample in Turkey

  • Ümit AkırmakEmail author
  • Egenur Bakıner
  • Hale Bolak Boratav
  • Gülin Güneri

Correction to: Curr Psychol

The original version of the article unfortunately contained an error.

The university name with XXXXX found in page 4, under procedure section, last sentence should be changed to “Istanbul Bilgi”.

The correct sentence should read “All procedures were conducted based on the ethical regulations of the Istanbul Bilgi University Ethics Committee, and data collection started after Ethics Approval was obtained from the committee.”

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  • Ümit Akırmak
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    Email author
  • Egenur Bakıner
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  • Hale Bolak Boratav
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  • Gülin Güneri
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  1. 1.Department of PsychologyIstanbul Bilgi UniversityIstanbulTurkey
  2. 2.Clinical Psychology MA ProgramIstanbul Bilgi UniversityIstanbulTurkey
  3. 3.Department of PsychologyIstanbul Arel UniversityIstanbulTurkey

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