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Improving International Investment Agreements edited by Armand de Mestral and Céline Lévesque

New York: Routledge, 2013.
  • Scott O. McKenzieEmail author
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Global commerce is held together by a complex web of international investment agreements (IIAs). These essential instruments of transnational law and economic development are coming under increased scrutiny. Policy makers and host states want to move IIAs forward to provide more robust protection which preserving the core of the investment regime. Over time these instruments have been progressing, changing to include new provisions that prevent the worst abuses and providing new routes for judicial recourse. Today, there is an understanding that failure to build in more host state protection risks states seeking solutions outside the IIA system and weakening the trust that has enabled a significant boost in worldwide trade. Improving International Investment Agreements, edited by Armand de Mestral and Céline Lévesque, collects insights from leading scholars and presents a clear history of IIAs, their present failings, and ideas for their future trajectory. This book presents realistic...

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