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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

  • Don Conway-LongEmail author
Book Review Essay

Genocide of Indigenous Peoples: A Critical Bibliographic Review, Volume 8edited by Samuel Totten and Robert Hitchcock

New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2011

Indigenous Rights in the Age of the UN Declarationedited by Elvira Pulitano

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012

Governing Indigenous Territories: Enacting Sovereignty in the Ecuadorian Amazonby Juliet S. Erazo

Durham: Duke University Press, 2013

If the indigenous peoples of the planet were a single nation, their numbers would make them the third largest. There are somewhere between 350 and 600 million indigenous persons, depending on who is counting, with a midrange figure most likely. But, being forced to live under the governance of others, indigenous peoples have been the recipients of some of the most egregious violations of human rights. They have suffered ethnocide, even genocide, and incomparable indignities. As the literature in human rights has grown, more and more works have been published addressing the...

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