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Revisiting China’s “peaceful rise”: Implications for India


This article explores the significance and relevance of the concept of China's peaceful rise and its implications for India. Though the concept suddenly lost its usage and was replaced by a more modest term, peaceful development, the basic tenets of the peaceful rise concept hold considerable relevance. Peaceful rise is a concept aimed at managing the consequences of China's rise as a great power. Essentially, while it reiterates China's foreign policy of peace and common development of all, it also indicates a paradigm shift in Chinese foreign policy. Since the essence of peaceful rise is to support a peaceful international order, the concept imparts a peaceful relationship between India and China.

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Bhattacharya, A. Revisiting China’s “peaceful rise”: Implications for India. East Asia 22, 59–80 (2005).

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  • peaceful rise
  • paradigm shift
  • proactive foreign policy
  • competitive relationship
  • strategic partnership