Athens to Aotearoa: Greece and Rome in New Zealand Literature and Society, ed. Diana Burton, Simon Perris and Jeff Tatum. Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2017. 362 pp. ISBN 9781776561766. $40. Anna Jackson, Pasture and Flock: New and Selected Poems. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2018. 148 pp. ISBN 9781869408794. $34.99.

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The classical lineage at the core of colonialism has been part of the discourse of classical reception studies for over a decade.1 However, the scholarship, while ground-breaking and necessary, has not – until now – included the Antipodes. Athens to Aotearoa: Greece and Rome in New Zealand Literature and Societyis the first collection dedicated to classical reception studies in Aotearoa, the Māori name for New Zealand, and brings together fourteen chapters on the debts to Greco-Roman cultures in New Zealand literature, art, television and pedagogy. While the debt was an originary component of colonialism in Australasia, used and abused to both justify and understand imperial projects, its reach has endured and morphed over some two-hundred years. This collection is primarily concerned with the presence of Greco-Roman traditions in twentieth- and twenty-first century literature and art in which the classical tradition is personal, aesthetic and metaphorical, postcolonial and/or...

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