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Contemporary Metaphysics: Review of David J. Chalmers, Constructing the World, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012, 494 Pages; John Heil, The Universe as We Find It, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012, 311 Pages; and Theodore R. Sider, Writing the Book of the World, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011, 318 Pages

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Metaphysics is definitely back on the agenda of contemporary philosophy. It is a metaphysics in the full traditional sense, seeking to provide the means to gain knowledge that covers being as a whole, not just parts of it (such as the metaphysics of mind, the metaphysics of values, etc.). Oxford University Press published three books in 2011 and 2012 each of which spells out that ambition. The present review sums up the main topics covered in these books and offers some comments.


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