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Fabian Frenzel: Slumming It

Zed Books, 2016, ISBN-978-1-78360-443-2
  • Tore Holst

One of the front runners of slum tourism research has written a much-needed book. A monograph that functions both as a state of the art of slum tourism research, but more importantly contains a theoretical discussion of how the political economy of slum tourism shapes concrete areas of informal urbanism physically and symbolically. The book inscribes itself into the discipline of cultural geography in as much as its ‘protagonist’ is the slum itself, rather than, for example, the people who live there or the tourists that visit, and while it draws on ethnographic fieldwork conducted on three different continents, it always returns to the question of how the insights gained shape the slum as a symbolic space. A framing that makes the book especially useful for readers intent on conducting their own investigations of slum tourism, as it outlines the epistemological implications of approaching the ‘slum’ in different ways.

The book devotes the first four chapters to its theoretical...

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