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Can We All Just Get Along?

Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt, Arthur C. Brooks, Broadside Books, 2019, 256 pp., $18.29 hardcover.
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Arthur Brooks has written many books, most of them with an academic provenance. He was in the employ of Syracuse University for many years as an economist, is most recently the president of the American Enterprise Institute, and will leave that position this summer to join the Harvard Kennedy School as professor of practice of public leadership. Brooks will also serve as a senior fellow at Harvard Business School. Yet Dr. Brooks is also a former professional musician having performed in a major brass quintet and with the City Orchestra of Barcelona. He was a French horn player, which even when played at its best, is a notoriously fickle instrument, and thus he has earned his humble and approachable character honestly.

Brooks is an economic conservative and a devout Catholic, but nonetheless he presents himself as just a little bit impish; he likes to wear very bright socks against his downtown black pants, shirt, and jacket. He is gregarious, counsels soon-to-be-married couples,...

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