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The One Way Street: Misunderstanding Fascism

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them, Jason Stanley, Random House, 2018, XXIX+218 pp., $17.68 hardbound.
  • Paul HollanderEmail author

This reviewer has to confess that his dislike of President Trump has predisposed him to approach with a favorable disposition each and every critique of him that he encounters. These sentiments explain my interest in this book. I also share with its author (son of Jewish-German refugees) strong feelings about fascism and Nazism since I experienced and survived the Jewish persecution in Hungary during World War II. These affinities did not prevent me from being disappointed by his well-intentioned efforts to raise the level of public consciousness about Trump’s policies.

The book could have been both a devastating critique of “Trumpism” and a study of the contemporary incarnations and remnants of fascism, and their connection with the ideas and policies of Mussolini and Hitler. Instead we have a collection of rather unoriginal, if impassioned, generalizations and clichés about “fascist politics” and “the politics of us and them.” These generalizations do not provide a better...

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