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Why Are Nondiscrimination Statements Not Diverse?

  • David Rozado
  • Stephen Atkins

Numerous studies have shown the severe lack of ideological diversity in universities across the U.S., with the vast majority of faculty leaning left of center.1 Despite the marginal representation of non-liberal viewpoints in the academy, the degree of institutional protection granted to intellectual minorities in universities has been scarcely studied. This article will report on the findings of a content analysis of mission, diversity, and nondiscrimination statements of elite U.S. universities for the presence of demographic and intellectual diversity themes. The most salient result is that only 14 percent of the studied universities explicitly protect viewpoint diversity in their nondiscrimination statements while most demographic types of diversity receive almost unanimous protection.


The term diversity refers to the condition of having or being composed of different elements. Demographic diversity denotes variety within a group in terms of factors such as ethnicity,...

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  1. 1.Otago PolytechnicDunedinNew Zealand

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