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Critical Race Theory in Education: Where Farce Meets Tragedy

  • Jeff Zorn

Two things flow from this racism-is-all myth: (1) It puts the solution to our difficulties outside our control, and (2) it encourages the fallacy that attacking racism as the source of our problems is the same as attacking our problems.

—William Raspberry, “A Journalist’s View of Black Economics”

The racialization of the world has to be the most unexpected result of the anti-discrimination battle of the last half-century. It has ensured that the battle continuously recreates the curse from which it is trying to break free.

—Pascal Bruckner, “There’s No Such Thing as Islamophobia”

Critical Legal Theory (CLT) was formulated in the 1970s by law school professors impatient with civil rights activism and jurisprudence. Rejecting integration plans that left institutions otherwise untouched, CLT issued radical challenges: How can rights and protections be equalized under conditions of “White Supremacy”? (The capitalization and/or phrasing of such words and terms, which I denote by setting...

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