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Preach What You Practice: Charles Murray on Our New Class Divide

Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010, by Charles Murray. New York: Crown Forum, 2012, 416 pp., $27.00 hardbound.
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Several years ago I was working as a preceptorial assistant to a young visiting professor (let’s call her Nicole) who had come to Princeton from Rutgers to teach a course in American political thought. Nicole was an outspoken feminist with left-of-center views on most things including marriage and family issues. I don’t remember what the occasion was, but in one of her lectures she explained that the American family had changed very radically over the past few decades and that now there were many alternatives to the traditional arrangement of a father and mother living together with their biological children. Blended families, single parenthood, divorced couples with joint custody of their children, and several other nontraditional family forms, she explained, are now common, with the Ozzie and Harriet household representing an ever shrinking proportion of American families. Because of this new pluralism, she said, it was wrong to prioritize the traditional family or think it better...


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