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How I “Improved” My Teaching Evaluations: A Survival Manual for the Politically Incorrect

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Editors’ note:This article may disturb some readers. Our anonymous author is a politically incorrect professor who decided to forego effective pedagogy in order to obtain the good student evaluations that secured his right to teach a certain course in his research area. He is clearly a thoughtful and conscientious teacher, and he makes his decision only after careful deliberation, but the measures he implements once that decision has been made might cause the reader to cringe. Nevertheless, we thought the article worthwhile in making so nakedly and undeniably plain the extent to which those ubiquitous evaluations have compromised teaching and debased the college classroom.

I was the fair-haired boy in our department—the rising young scholar who had just won tenure. Then a dreadful discovery was made: I was a conservative. Not, mind you, the sort of conservative who merely urges “progressives” to go slow and, after losing gracefully, helps straighten up the mess they make. No, I was a...


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