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Winning the Game: How Sexual Narcissism Relates to Adversarial Sexual Beliefs and Pick-Up Techniques


Sexual entitlement is a belief that one has a right to sex and has the right to demand it. Previous research has shown that sexual entitlement, or sexual narcissism, can predict negative sexual outcomes, such as infidelity and sexual aggression. This study (N = 217) investigated whether sexual narcissism might be related to dating beliefs and techniques that could be precursors to sexual aggression. We found that sexual narcissism predicted participants’ adversarial sexual beliefs and use of manipulative dating techniques, such as those publicized by the pick-up artist community. Exploratory analyses revealed gender differences among the correlations between study variables. We suggest that individuals who hold problematic beliefs about sex and dating are especially likely to use techniques to manipulate potential sexual partners.

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  1. Four participants did not report gender.

  2. Students who did not want to participate in studies for course credit were able to complete alternative written assignments for credit.

  3. The pictures were taken as part of the total data collection; we do not discuss them here.


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We would like to thank Ellen M. Lee for her thoughtful contributions and support.

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Klement, K.R., Xoxakos, P., Nazario, M. et al. Winning the Game: How Sexual Narcissism Relates to Adversarial Sexual Beliefs and Pick-Up Techniques. Sexuality & Culture 23, 1283–1300 (2019).

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  • Sexual narcissism
  • Dating beliefs
  • Pick-up artists